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Apr 27, 2011


Apr 26, 2011

Skinny guy

"although the body of this skinny guy, but I think they are still sexy"

British boy band Blue

British boy band Blue is back in a big way — posing nude for a racy cover of Attitude magazine.

Ten years after storming the charts with 'Too Close' and 'All Rise', the lads have stripped off to celebrate their anniversary and promote their upcoming entry in Eurovision.

In a naughty interview with Attitude, Duncan (the hottest one, in our opinion — with the chest tats in the photo above) talks about his bisexuality: "I can sleep with a guy or a girl quite easily... I do find women attractive. I have no problem getting an erection."

Apr 25, 2011

Are you thirsty ?

Apr 24, 2011

We love shirtless

Show your armpit

Apr 23, 2011


Expression of male

Apr 22, 2011


U are an object

Apr 21, 2011

Men in black

Apr 17, 2011


"three of them looked very familiar, whether they're just friends or threesome couples ?"
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