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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Penis Size Across Europe

Penis Size Across Europe was actually created by Alpha Designer dot com, but it’s really just a graphic that compiles data collected by World Penis Size.
This website cites a number of sources, so let’s assume the stats are true. Now, before you guys go crazy and start booking at trip to France to sample some of those 16-inch cocks, these stats are in metric. Nevertheless, French men are reported to be some of the best-hung men in Europe with an average size of 6.3 inches. That’s hung?

But out of all the Europeans, it looks like the Hungarians really do live up to their names – 16.51 centimeters or 6.5 inches. The Hungarians are the kings of cock. But it looks like the Irish aren’t so lucky: they’re pulling in the second smallest penises at 12.78 centimeters or 5 inches, and they’ll only ahead of the Romanians by .5 centimeters, so they’re virtually the same.
Italian, Greeks, and the Dutch follow the top of pack with 6.2-inch cocks. After that, it’s a cluster fuck.

Now, if we’re talking about girth, you’ll want to get your passport and head for Africa. Men in Africa hold seven of the top ten spots for the fattest dicks. Cameroon tops the list. But you’re not going to want to overlook Jamaica, Germany, and Ecuador, they all rank in the top ten for the thickest dicks.

When you take a look at penis size across the continents, there are no surprises. India, China, and all southeast Asian men fall into the smallest cocks on the planet ranging from 3.8 to 4.6 inches. Russians, Australians, and American are next up in the dick-size line-up with a maximum average length of 5.3 inches. And it seems that the equator has something to do with penis size since the best-hung men on the planet live in countries in or around the equator. The men with the biggest dicks live in African or South American countries.

While these numbers don’t actually sound impressive, you have to consider that these are averages. So for the Hungarians and French to be topping the big penis list, that means they have a pretty high number of men with dicks longer that 6.5 inches. So Paris or Budapest, take your pick and pack lots of lube.

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