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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The benefits of shaving in the area Penis

You certainly know the intimate areas of one form of treatment called Brazillian waxing, waxing or French. The initial goal was to avoid pubic hair peeking out from behind the bikini you wear. If Brazillian waxing hair into a V shape, French waxing produces a straight line only.
Many men are waxing think this makes her more sexy appearance. However, did you know that men who shave in the area of ​​his penis will also look more sexy? There are some other benefits could accrue to him if he shaved, namely:
1. His penis look bigger when erect
If a couple wants his penis look bigger than usual, encourage him to shave it so that you too can enjoy this trick of the eye.
Sights are more "vivid" than usual this will certainly provide a different sensation for you. Guaranteed you will not be comfortable just stared at him for long.

2. Her skin was unimpaired
Greater sensation will be felt not only by you, but also the him.
Her skin would not be hindered anything, so it is more sensitive to the touch. The same thing will you feel when you shave your pubic hair, is not it?
3. The second sensitive zone
Men love it when you caress his scrotum area.
Arguably, that's the sensitive area of ​​the second, and when there was no fur in the area, the sensation produced is also more powerful. In addition, let the fur shaved in that area not only will cause the odor and sweat.
4. Cleaner
Women usually shave her intimate areas in order to feel more clean (even if not careful can also cause infection).
The same thing you need to advise on the him. Fur-covered areas will produce sweat, which will surely make you uncomfortable. On the intimate scent actually also caused a sensation in itself, but when there is sweat, the smell would not be fun anymore.
5. Better
Penis clean and healthy not only means that man is free of STDs (sexually transmitted diseases).
That is why the chlamydia (infection in the urinary tract and genitals caused by the bacterium Chlamydia trachomatis) are common. This disease often go undetected, because they do not show symptoms. But the penis is diligent in his fur-trim or shaved to facilitate the detection of the bacteria are hiding.
6. More "inviting"
Mr. P is trimmed or shaved on a regular basis to look more sexy and inviting.
Because look cleaner and healthier, you will always be tempted to pet him in any way. If you are more intrigued, therefore, the he was certainly more animated.

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